About our Trip..

A picture we took at the start of our trip at Coleman Bridge
(Left to right: Zhang Bo, Wee Ren Chang, Yeo Jun Peng)
A picture of us at the Anderson Bridge, near the Asian Civilisation Museum
(Left to Right, Yeo Jun Peng, Wee Ren Chang, Zhang Bo)

(Thanks to Clarabelle Ang, who helped us in taking the photos.)

More about our task below!
   What happened that day...
When we were assigned our task, we started planning on where and when to meet up with one another. Eventually, we agreed on Clark Quay MRT station, as it was rather near to the museum. After that, we set out from our homes and met up. A few other groups were there, too. However, Ren Chang and Zhang Bo were late, and Jun Peng had to set off from Clark Quay MRT first. When Ren Chang and Zhang Bo arrived at Clark Quay, they had difficulties navigating around the area, eventually getting themselves lost.

So, they went to a 7-11 shopkeeper for directions. He told some rough directions to the museum. Eventually, we found the museum but Ren Chang and Zhang Bo were VERY late.

What some of us enjoyed were the sculptures along Singapore River, such as Chong Fah Cheong's "The First Generation". We enjoyed the exhibits in the museum, Zhang Bo especially enjoying the China gallery.

We feel that if we were given another chance, we could have better group dynamics and be more united. We also need better teamwork, in all of us being early as this caused the whole group to be held back, wasting time.